Did you know the average American spends about $15,000 on a single home renovation project?

If you’re looking for new flooring in Chesapeake, VA, then you need to find the best flooring company for your project. Hiring a reputable, insured company ensures you’ll have a positive experience from start to finish. But how do you choose the best company for flooring repair, installation, and more?

Follow the tips and tricks in this helpful guide to make your next flooring project a seamless experience.

Referrals and Customer Reviews

Did you know that over 99.9% of customers read online reviews when shopping? Additionally, 96% of customers search for bad reviews.

You can quickly determine if a flooring company is the right fit for you by reading online reviews. Reputable companies also have reviews on their websites, but you can ask for a list of references if they don’t.

You can also refer to sites such as Google to check for online reviews. If you want to do more research, check out the company’s social media. Look to see if customers were satisfied; if not, check if the company tried to rectify the flooring installation experience.

Upfront About Costs

If you’re looking for flooring installation in Chesapeake, VA, you can expect various prices depending on the materials you purchase. You should always expect upfront pricing when comparing flooring installation costs.

Reputable flooring companies typically have prices on their websites, but they should also talk to you about pricing upfront.

Different Flooring Materials are Available

Even if you know the type of flooring you want, you should work with a flooring installation company offering multiple options. You may have your heart set on hardwood flooring but find that luxury vinyl plank flooring is more affordable and provides added durability and water resistance.

There may also be a different material available that you didn’t consider, such as luxury vinyl flooring, which better fits your budget and specific needs. Flooring companies that offer multiple options can best guide you in the right direction for your project.

You should also work with a company that offers flooring repair in Chesapeake, VA, in addition to installing new flooring materials.

Furniture Moving

When redoing your floors, you’ll likely need to move the furniture. However, check if a flooring company will move your furniture for you.

Instead of moving it from one room to the next, they can usually slide it across the room as they work. However, if you need it completely removed, ask if they’d do the heavy lifting on your behalf and if there’s a fee.

Remember that it’s your responsibility to move small items off the floor and unplug anything that needs to be moved.

Work Within Your Timeline

Are you looking to complete your flooring installation process in time for your home to go on the market? No matter what the reason is for your flooring installation process, you need a company that can complete the job within your timeframe.

Be upfront about your flooring timeline; if a company can’t accommodate you, you may need to work with someone different. If you’re going on vacation and want the work completed while you’re away from home, be forthcoming about this before hiring a flooring company in Chesapeake, VA.


You should always work with a flooring company that’s fully insured and has an insured group of installers. This protects you and your home from an error or accident during installation. Always ask if the flooring company you plan to hire is fully licensed and insured before working with them.

If you’re unsure if a company is licensed and insured, you can check the Better Business Bureau for a contractor’s license number and proof of insurance when available.

Warranty Policy

Ask if a warranty policy comes with the flooring you select. You might be torn between several different flooring options, and a warranty might make the decision process easier.

Ask what’s covered and what isn’t covered with your warranty, along with the duration of the warranty. You should also ask if the flooring has a fade warranty covering fading, discoloring, or stains under normal wear and tear.

Even if a product has no warranty, the flooring company you hire should guarantee their work. If they don’t, this is a red flag.

Clean Up and Removal

You should also ask a prospective flooring company if they’ll clean up and remove the old flooring. Ask this beforehand so you don’t find out the hard way that you’re on the hook for disposing of old materials.

Additionally, ask if clean-up and removal are included in the price or if it’s extra. Ask how the flooring company plans to dispose of your old flooring, as various materials have different disposal methods. Can they recycle it?

If they improperly dispose of it, you might run the risk of a fine, so check with your township regarding rules and regulations for disposing of old flooring materials.

Flooring in Chesapeake, VA

When choosing flooring in Chesapeake, VA, be sure to refer back to this helpful guide. Always look for flooring companies with upfront pricing, and be sure to work with a company that’s fully licensed and insured.

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