You’re ready to install new flooring in your home. Your old wall-to-wall carpet has worn out, or you want to replace a bubbling vinyl kitchen floor with something better. You’ve heard good things about luxury vinyl plank flooring, and of course, you’re interested in getting the best price without sacrificing style or quality.

As flooring experts, we’re here to tell you that you can save on flooring with pre-holiday deals. Read more to learn how to achieve your dream of affordable vinyl plank floors. 

Why Choose Vinyl Plank Flooring?

  • Durability and Longevity
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Ease of Maintenance

When updating the flooring in your home, wood floors have an undeniable appeal. More practical than carpet, warmer, and more flexible than tile, wood floorboards are a delight. But hardwood floors have a few downsides, mainly their delicacy and price. While it may appear that wood floors have become an overwhelming trend in interior design, you’ll be surprised to learn that vinyl plank flooring is the real star.

From durable family homes to elegant luxury apartments, vinyl planks provide the warmth, springiness, and attractive style of wood board—but with moisture and scratch resistance, it’s safe against spills and easy to clean. 

It provides all the benefits of hardwood and none of the downsides. While also being at a better price than solid or engineered hardwood board floors. 

Timing is Everything

Getting the best price on vinyl floors means knowing the best times to buy. Two opportunities overlap during the holiday season that can help you save on flooring for your home, investment properties, or business.

Off-Season Discounts

First, prices tend to drop during the renovation off-season. Most home renovations occur over the summer because of the good weather and market trends. Prices spike during the peak but are lower during the off-season when fewer people are buying flooring. This means that late fall to early spring offers an excellent opportunity to purchase popular flooring at a discount.

Holiday Sales and Promotions

Of course, the holidays fall right in the middle of the off-season. Many brands offer special holiday discounts to share the seasonal joy and boost sales. If you’re looking for good deals, you can get high-quality vinyl plank flooring at a steal right before the holidays.

Do Your Research

You can also find better prices on flooring with a bit of research. This will help you determine which 2024 flooring trends fit your style and needs while checking out the best products available at discounted prices.

Compare Prices

Take notes on the flooring brands, styles, and qualities you like best. Then, compare the similar products from several different suppliers in your area. You can check out online flooring suppliers as well, but remember to calculate shipping costs.

Read Reviews

Explore reviews to determine the best quality flooring and the popular flooring trends. Reviews will guide you toward vinyl plank flooring you will love when installed in your home.

Ask for Samples

You can even ask to see samples for each type of vinyl plank and see the colors available in person. This is one of the benefits of buying from a local flooring supplier.

Pre-Holiday Savings on Vinyl Plank Flooring

DIY vs Professional Installation

If you’re handy and have dreams of home customization, you may be wondering if now is the right time to install your vinyl plank floor. The answer is that it depends. It depends on your skill level and the skill required for each model of floorboard that you consider.

When to DIY

If you have installed wood floors before and are handy with the tools and precision necessary, DIY may be an option. The best flooring to DIY is modular tongue-and-groove edge designs that fit neatly together without additional preparation. You will also need all the tools necessary, which may include a circular table saw to cut boards to the right length near the edges of each room.

When to Hire Professionals

If you do not have wood flooring installation experience, and especially if your boards do not have an easy modular system, you’ll want to hire professional flooring installation. Needing to pre-cut boards can lead to disaster if you don’t have the tools and the training. Even modular systems can be tricky if you’ve never installed a floor before. To ensure that your new flooring is high-quality and ultimately durable, it’s best to rely on the expertise of professionals.

Additional Ways to Save

How else can you save on flooring for your next home renovation? We have three suggestions that can reduce the cost of your new floors any time of year.

  • Bulk Purchasing: Buying a larger order of flooring material can often reduce the unit price. Consider reflooring all or much of your home all at once, or even going in together with a homeowner friend who loves the same kind of luxury vinyl board flooring that you do.
  • Utilize Leftover Material: Leftover materials are smaller pieces of high-quality flooring from your project or from professional installers after they’ve completed other projects. Ask about leftover material to make a unique patchwork floor of smaller boards—perhaps in an eye-catching blend of color finishes.
  • Look for Deals on Installation: Throughout the year, different installation teams may offer special deals on the installation itself. This can help you save significantly on the cost of your beautiful new floor.

Financing Options

Many home renovation projects are achieved through financing. The right financing opportunity can help you complete your project with a single investment of flooring materials, professional installers, and other details you may want to complete simultaneously. You have two typical options to finance your new flooring.

In-Store Financing

Your flooring retailer might be happy to offer you an in-store financing option. In-store financing helps to enhance a customer’s buying power while improving the quality of every renovation.

Personal Loans

Personal loans represent your route to financing. This may be a small loan in your name or even a HELOC on your house in order to reinvest with new flooring installation.

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